This year, APRIL 26th, three Hungarian artists will perform at the stage of Meskalina club in Poznan during the Spring Break Showcase.

1. Vera Jonas Experiment

Award-winning, INES#talent2019 program participant Vera Jónás sways you with her tender music ormakes you dance with her tiger-wild songs. AfterTauron Life festival in Polandand an extensive festivaltour in Hungary, Vera travelled with her band,Vera Jonas Experiment,to Asia in September and toured inEurope in November 2018, releasing new songs all throughout the year.The bandperformedthreeshowsatEurosonic 2017andplayed at South Korea’sZandari Festa.The firstalbum,GAMEwasalsoreleased inJapanwheretheytoured in the spring of 2015. TheExperimentregularlyplaysinAustria,Germany, Belgium, Romania, Slovakiaandthe Netherlandsand are frequentguests at Hungary’s top clubs and festivals like Sziget and VOLT.Last March, Vera Jonas Experiment won theIndie/Alternative Album of the Year Award(HungarianGrammy), while Vera received the prestigiousJunior Songwriter Awardof Artisjus, Hungary’s copyrightagency.The band wasfinalist inHungary’s greatest talent show organized bySziget Festivaland the HungarianNational Television/Radio.She was chosen to participate in songwriting camps inTaiwan,Berlin andBudapest.She recorded a session forSofar Sounds Sessionsin Hamburg and a session forBalconyTVinBudapest.Vera sings themain themeof an originalHBO seriesbroadcastin18countries around the world,and a UPC advertisement. The band isconstantly on tour in Hungary and abroad.

2. The Devil’s Trade

Four years is a lot of time, especially without a new record. But just in case you’re wondering the past four years in the life of Dávid Makó, the Hungarian singer-songwriter known as The Devil’s Trade have been an intense journey. After “Those Miles We Walked Alone”, his debut full-length saw the light of day in November 2014, not even himself had an idea of the path he is about to take.

Four years is a lot time, especially if you spend it sitting by idly. Now that’s not something that is one of Makó’s fortes, as he spent this long period of time evolving into the artist that he is now. From his self financed CDr’s to a sold out first press of the vinyl version of “Those Miles…”, from his first show as a solo artist at a small venue, playing in between a couple horrible tribute bands to the stages of Europe, touring with the likes of Crippled Black Phoenix and Nathan Gray Collective among many, Makó summoned a different kind of beast. So does he on his sophomore album “What Happened to the Little Blind Crow”.

Makó, who spends his days changing people’s lives and improving their health as a strength trainer, bares his soul on stage and offers a piece of himself night by night and despite the ‘rough-around-the-edges’ look, intimacy, despair and hope never sounded this heartfelt and sincere.  Written in nearly every corner of Europe on tourbusses, in tour vans, in the rehearsal space back home, ‘What Happened to the Little Blind Crow’ is the next step in a wonderful journey. From traditional and heartbreaking Transylvanian folk, through Makó’s roots as a doom / stoner singer to the spirits of the Appalachians, this full-length is the manifestation of an artist ever growing, ever evolving and adapting.

3. Belau

“Take You to The Sea” – claims Belau about their compositions.  In the world of electronic music duo (Peter Kedves and Buzas Krisztian) a constant buoyant mood and a sense of optimism meets innovative electronic beats. The message of Belau is a simple one: leave the busyness and monotony of everyday life behind, get rid of our barriers, and experience every moment to its fullest. Belau takes their listeners to cheerful places, filled with sunshine, where one can relax, unwind and find peace and harmony. The music starts you on an inner journey which is a gift in our world of increasing isolation. The debut song of Belau, Island of Promise was released in late 2015. The music video won the Hungarian Video Music Award’s Special Prize and it was the music video of the year at some of the biggest Hungarian sites. Now it counts nearly half million views. The first Belau song has been chosen the top hits of 2015 at Deezer Hungary and the biggest Hungarian news portal, Index; also appears in a famous HBO series called Aranyélet (Golden Life).  In 2016 they released their debut album, which won the Hungarian Grammy Awards in the best electronic music album category. In 2017 they released a remix EP from their debut album, and one of the song was also airplayed by BBC Radio 1. Tunes of Belau are also featuring in international commercials like Pepsi, Telenor, Sziget Festival.  In two years, the band had more than 150 shows in 21 countries including several major festivals, like Primavera, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn, SXSW, Sziget, Untold, they were also selected by Midem’s top 50 artist. In 2018 Belau released their new single featuring Sophie Lindinger (Leyya) from their upcoming album. The long term goals of the ever-growing project include the creation of multiple concept LPs, each capturing the vibe of a different geographical region around the world.