The new single “Francine” tackles the topics of addiction and lovelessness. In the words of the band, they said: “The song speaks from the voice of a lamenting partner whose lover (Francine) is helplessly addicted to drugs. Francine lost interest in her relationship with the narrator a long time ago. It’s a song about commitment and how love can fade away leaving only wickedness behind.

Regarding the visuals, the band said: “The ‘Francine’ video is a play on the old idiom of ‘being your own worst enemy’. A phrase which quite beautifully captures the inner critic which we know so well, especially during the course of the pandemic – we’ve had to learn to each give ourselves a break. The video was shot in the depth of the harsh Berlin winter, in the depth of the pandemic.

Director Felix Spitta added: “I love the band and I love the different personalities. It is always heaps of fun working on creative output together. Riding through Berlin only with bikes and all the film equipment in the freezing cold almost felt like a masochistic idea from Saxon. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by so many creative minds.”

“Francine” is the second single off their forthcoming EP Take Me Home due out in May 2021. The first, “Lay down your weapons” was released in September ahead of their socially distant concert at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.